As we all know that when buying trimmers people generally don’t look beyond Philips trimmers, and new entrants like Nova and Syska trimmers get overlooked. Now honestly speaking Philips does have good quality products but that does not mean in the least that other products can’t be good. One such product is the Nova NHT 1045 Beard Trimmer. Hence this review is concerned with only this product and any queries regarding the same will be entertained here. So without further ado let’s find out how good of product is it.

To be honest, among the many trimmers I’ve used this product has quite to offer. Owing to its simplistic design it is quite easy to handle and also being ergonomically designed it doesn’t hurt the hand after a long use. So if you are looking for a trimmer which easy to operate and handle Nova NHT 1045 is the best buy.

Moreover, thanks to its fast charging mode you can charge the Nova NHT 1045 Beard Trimmer in less than five minutes and the charge will be enough for one trim, this is one of its quick charge options. Furthermore, completely charging it takes only 60 minutes and it gives you at least half an hour of operation.  Further going by its price it is quite a return on your investment as Nova trimmers rocks our list of Best Trimmers under 500 Rs. And even at this price its blades are stainless steel which is definitely a plus point. I have been using this trimmer for year or so and it hasn’t yet malfunctioned, hence, longevity is also one of its advantages.

So with the help of this trimmer, you will be able to style a short stubble or a long beard. It can also be used for haircuts or trimming the hair anywhere on your body.

The trimmer comes with 2 additional attachments (6mm and 9mm) with the help of which it’s possible to trim not only your beard or mustache but also the hair growing around your temples, neckline, as well as the head. The attachments are washable and can be cleaned under the running water after each use.

The Nova NHT 1045 BL trimmer for men accompanies every single attachment you’d hope to get in the bundle. Alongside the trimmer, the set incorporates an extraordinary brush for cleaning and a container of oil for greasing up the sharp edges. I’d get a kick out of the chance to note that it’s vital to apply oil to the cutting edges each time when you’re going to begin trimming. In the event that the cutting edges gather abundance oil, wipe them with a get material and dry you go. Notwithstanding the recorded above embellishments, the Nova NHT 1045 BL trimmer is supplied with a handy storage case, so you can comfortably travel with it.


Purpose-   Beard, hair, moustache

Attachments-   2 Beard combos

Number of trim settings-   4(.25mm to 9mm)

Charging time- 60 min

Battery life-   at least 30 min

Shaver use-   Preferably Dry

Blades-   Stainless steel

Misc. –   quick charge 5 min, washable blade, charge indicator, ergonomic handle

Package contents-   charging cable, cleaning brush, oil, soft case

Warranty-   1 year (India)


Difficult to get clean trim

Can be quite noisy