Nova Trimmers are the best trimmers and are great hit in low price segment. In fact Nova NHT-1046 is the cheapest and bestseller trimmer out there in competitive trimmers market in India.

Personally speaking Nova Trimmers are one my first trimmers that I used during my college days. They are easy for pocket and does the work for many students and people who just starts of grooming their beard.

Nova NHT-1046 Trimmer is featured in our list of Best Beard Trimmers under 500 Rs in India.

Kemei KM-2013 Trimmer is our best pick in Best Beard Trimmers under 500 Rs in India.

Buyers Reviews- what people has to say…

Nova NHT- 1046 has got 3.5 stars on Amazon which is reviewed by over 1000 people.

If the trimmer has got a potential and is really good then it can easily get atleast 4 star review. So better check out pros and cons of this trimmer before buying it.

Features Box

There are some of the features that you might look into the Best Trimmers, we have covered this at Best Beard Trimmers in India.

One of the most important features to look at is cordless usage capability. Some trimmers only operates after charging the battery.